Our Power (2018)

Today, the Latrobe Valley houses three of the largest brown coal mines in Australia. These plants provide 80%+ of power to Victoria. Owned privately by multinational companies these mines bear significant power over the local community.

Canoes Vs. Coal: Australia Responds (2015)

Part two of this series, "Australia Responds", is a broader discussion on the issue of Climate Change. It's main goal is to involve the every-day people who are not necessarily already engaged with the climate and policy debate.

Mayibuye (2014)

Through the tool that is dance, Kumari Middleton and her team at Mayibuye aim to empower, educate and engage at-risk youth all over the world by presenting them with life-changing opportunities.

Canoes Vs. Coal (2014)

30 Pacific Warriors unite to block the world’s largest coal export port in Newcastle (NSW), with nothing but their culture, pride and hand built wooden canoes, fighting for what they believe in.

EDAR Arts (2013)

EDAR Arts think outside the box… and for a good reason. On the surface, they teach art to people with a disability. In reality, they teach so much more: social skills and personal communication skills.

Burnet Bus (2012)

The Burnet Bus sets out to study long-term drug use here in Melbourne at street level, and to ultimately create better and more informed government policies for our wider communities.