Mayibuye (Dec 2014)

  • December 8, 2014

Mayibuye (pronounced may-ee-boo-yeah) is a Zulu word from South Africa that means ‘bringing back what was lost’. Kumari Middleton, CEO of Mayibuye first set up the organisation in South Africa. Uniquely combining the art of dance with life skills, she discovered she had the opportunity to empower, educate and engage at-risk youth, exposing them to a whole new way of thinking. Upon discovering this niche sector, Kumari thought… why not bring it back to her home, Australia! Now Kumari and her team have expanded to developing nations such as India, Egypt, Brazil and Cambodia.

We are absolutely delighted with the content we’ve managed to capture while sitting in on one of her classes. At the moment, we are editing 3-4 short pieces for our client with hopes of releasing the final product by the end of the year. We currently envision a short video series, narrated through the fantastic content we have already captured through ‘on set’ interviews with the students and their teachers.

UPDATE (22.01.15) – Our third and final video for Mayibuye. This one is definitely my favourite as we hear more from the students at their Dandenong Performance Troupe.