EDAR Arts (2013)

  • August 1, 2013

EDAR Arts is an organisation that certainly think out of the box, which was absolutely refreshing to see, and even more amazing to work with. On the surface, they taught art to people with a disability. In reality, they taught so much more; life lessons, social skills, personal communication skills. Their clients are empowered and are constantly pushed to grow, you could even see it in their faces. Class sizes were extremely small and plenty of ‘face-time’ was given to each and every client.

We designed the project to be a series of four videos that were released over four weeks through their social media platforms. Coming Alive is the first of the four short videos. It outlines EDAR Arts’ key ethos and point of difference within their industry. The following two videos takes this discussion a little further. The final video is an ‘outsiders’ perspective; A proud parent whose daughter had been with EDAR Arts for 2 years.

Given the size of our team, the zero budget that we had to work with and the very limited time we had to assemble this project together, we were tremendously happy with the final products. We feel the strength of this production comes from the two teacher interviews – specifically Stewart’s (our lead video). There were some spine-tingling moments captured with our cameras and sound gear. Interviewing children with disabilities was very challenging however I was very keen and proud to utilise and further harness my strong interviewing skills.

1. “Coming Alive”

2. “Empowering Clients”

3. “Establishing Bonds”

4. “A Parents Perspective”