DJAA Promotional Videos (Oct 2014)

  • October 4, 2014

Owning a wedding entertainment and events company, I’m a current member of the alliance and am also a recent committee member. DJAA’s mission is to raise the standard for professional DJs and MCs, by giving clients and venues an informed choice of quality entertainment.

I was given the opportunity to post-produce and edit a short series of promotional videos used for DJAA’s upcoming 2015 National Conference. Interviews, sound and visuals were planned and conducted by other DJAA committee members prior to my involvement in the committee.

1. 2015 National Conference Lead Video

2. Our second, follow up video

Both videos are short, snappy and succinct. They have very strong story lines and a clear structure, with the aim of being “call-to-action” style videos. The committee as a whole decided to lead with the slightly longer video, as part of their social media strategy. While I really do like both videos, I voted for the second video to lead in their social strategy as it has a stronger sense of the organisation as a whole and what we stand for in regards to our ethos, our vision and our strong internal skills, knowledge and experience.