DJAA 2015 Callout (April 2015)

  • April 7, 2015

We had a great deal of left over, great quality content from the 2 videos we put together for DJAA mid 2014. Most of it was b-roll and we lacked narrative content.

I put forward the idea that The President of the DJAA, Albury’s one and only Steve Bowen, put together a high quality voice over for us. We gave him a rough outline of what we wanted him to cover, and he came back with a great 45 second piece.

From there we’ve edited and produced a video that meets our clients demand; fun, snappy and exciting.

We focused on all areas of what the 2015 National conference was offering, from education, to a trade show, to great networking and social opportunities to meet similar minded DJs.

I mainly work in the documentary world, so to do something like this was rather refreshing and fun for me. I think we nailed it. See for yourself.