#BridgeTheGap (Working Title)

  • January 13, 2015

We are producing a series of short form social-media-friendly videos, specifically designed to invoke discussion of gender issues, which include: Sexism, Violence against women (emotional, physical & sexual abuse) and Male entitlement.

We will be aiming to talk to young & growing men; from the ages of 14 to 24.

We want to be able to talk to this demographic at their level, in their everyday environment, with a tone that is familiar, engaging and contemporary. We strongly believe that their vision and words will very much add strength to our project.

We want their opinions to help shape and guide the overall direction of our final videos. More so, we want to see if these young men see gender equality differently to our current and older generations. We want to hear the social conscience of this generation and to see what they believe to be the proper standard of behaviour for their gender.

Footage we have at this current time is private and being worked on. For now, please enjoy a time-lapse video of our first focus group shoot @ RMIT.

Be sure to watch this space in the coming months. This is an amazing project that has already received a great deal of traction and interest. It’s shaping up to be our best yet.